Reaching the World,

                     Winning Souls,

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus to the Nations,

                          For the Glory of God...

                  The Everlasting Father...

                                  The Everlasting Gospel...


                         The Truth is in Jesus Christ. . .

                                 The Spirit of Truth. . .

                                      A Preacher of the Gospel 

                  I've got message straight from Heaven upon my tongue............

              Welcome to Our Website!

All are welcome to tour our website. We are glad that you came by to visit. We are an Internet Radio Ministry that is Holy Spirit led and Holy Spirit filled! We are a "Ministry  Without Walls."

You are invited to listen by phone or by internet. We hold weekly  radio show every Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. eastern standard time.

You are also invited to follow us through one of our various social media sites. 

Join us for Word and Worship by calling in at 347-945-5041 or  visit

Please check our archive shows if you miss the live show by visiting All shows are pre-recorded and are on-demand so you can listen at anytime or anywhere.

Whether you are new to the show or new to worship, we welcome you with open arms!


                     About Minister Elaine

Minister Elaine is called and chosen by God to serve Him and others. She has accepted her calling to Preach the Word.

Minister Elaine is an anointed preacher, servant, and messenger of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As Minister Elaine goes forth as  a preacher of  the Gospel, she  is dedicated to preaching the" Gospel of the Kingdom in all the world for a witness unto all nations." Matthew 24: 14  

As a divine mouthpiece for God, Minister Elaine proclaimed that "The Spirit of the Lord is spoken by me and His Word is on my tongue."  She speaks only by the power of the Holy Spirit.

She is filled with the Holy Spirit, and is guided by the Holy Spirit. Her spiritual gifts allow her to preach life - giving Word to  impart faith, hope, love, healing, and deliverance of God's people. 

She serves as a minister for Without Walls Worldwide Ministries of Seattle, Washington. Minister Elaine has appeared as a guest on Prophetess Yvonne Rowell's Online Radio Shows, Without Walls Worldwide Ministries & One Word from the Lord. Also, Minister Elaine is under the leadership of Prophetess Yvonne. 

Minister Elaine is fulfilling her purpose as a radio show host for VOTWM, a show which broadcast the Gospel worldwide to a global audience.

                                                Prophetess Yvonne

President & Founder of Without Walls Worldwide Ministries

                      The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit....

                   ABOUT VOTWM   

VOTWM Online Internet Radio Ministry that is reaching and touching life's all over the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

VOTWM is a evangelistic ministry with no boundaries, no limits, and no walls.

VOTWM preaches Christ, the Word of Truth, and the Word of Life.

VOTWM preaches the Gospel "With the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven." I Peter 1: 2

VOTWM vision is to see Jesus working in the life of all true believers and to see Jesus accepted in the life of            unbelievers. 

VOTWM mission is to reach a global audience with the Word of God through, preaching, teaching, media technology, and other sources such as the internet and more.

VOTWM is a ministry where Jesus Christ is the head and Minister Elaine is the overseer.       


 Post Office Box 1352, Smiths Station, Alabama 36877 |  334-408-7202


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